Meeting Rickson


So I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting and learning from the man himself, Rickson Gracie!

Fellow team mate Brent and I traveled the four and a half hour drive to Redfern, Sydney on August 26. The seminar was by far the largest I have been to, with well over 100 people in attendance.

We arrived a little early, enough time to meet up with an old team mate and grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence to get changed and begin learning!


I also had the chance to touch base with other enthusiasts I have met over the years, which was great because living in the bush, I don’t get to see these awesome people very often!

Rickson taught a lot of invisible jiu jitsu, importance of hip movement, self defense aspects and its importance and a lot more over the three hours! I partnered with some great guys from Ribeiro Canberra (Thanks Renato!) and learned some excellent principles to add to my game!

After the seminar came the lining up, buying merchandise and getting the all important photo and autograph from the man himself! A great day spent with awesome people and learning experience I’ll never forget!


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