Young Open Day


Tonight Black Knight Jiu Jitsu held our first Jiu Jitsu class in Young!

The turn out was great, with a group of awesome people coming together to learn the art. The night started off with a talk covering various topics from “what is Jiu Jitsu?” and uniform requirements, hygiene, etc, to a conversation about gym loyalties. I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge and I accept anyone in our gym who wishes to learn Jiu Jitsu and better themselves, no matter what other dojo or style they train. In Western NSW our Jiu Jitsu community is small enough, let alone making people choose loyalties to any one gym. While I understand it, I don’t agree with it.

After the talk came a warm up consisting of basic movements like hip escapes, bridges, break falls, etc. Some people had a little experience in Jiu Jitsu while a few had never trained it at all but everyone picked up the movements well.

From there we moved into a simple but effective set of moves that could be completed in Gi or No Gi. We blocked a “haymaker” punch, closed the distance, took our opponent down to side control and finished them with an Americana.  Once again, everyone understood and applied the techniques very well! I was very happy with their performance and proud to have the opportunity to teach some awesome people

We finished the class with 20 minutes of rolling. Experienced guys and girls sparred while beginners watched along and got to see what the rolling was all about.

The new club will only grow and get bigger and better and I’m looking forward to being a part of the future of Jiu Jitsu in Young and teaching everything I have learned over the years I have been training. If you live in or near Young, come and try a class! First class is FREE so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Many thanks to the Young Services Club for their help, support and space at the Young Golf Club to train! We wouldn’t be doing this without you!


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