Judo Olympian in Cowra

This past week on Wednesday, January 17th we had the great honor and opportunity to learn from Judo black belt and BJJ brown belt Matt D’Aquino at Black Knight Jiu Jitsu. Matt is one of Australia’s most successful Judo players. He is a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian, multiple Australian and Oceania Champion and in 2009 Matt made history by being the first and only Australian to win the Pac Rim Championships.

The seminar was called “Takedowns for BJJ” and after a fun warm up Matt spent two hours showing a variety of functional takedowns that were easy to pick up, from beginner to the more experienced BJJ practitioner. Techniques were followed up with a Q & A session where participants were encouraged to ask about any subject, whether it was Judo or BJJ related, life experiences or anything else!  Some participants stayed on for some rolling after our team photo, to end a top evening. Everybody learned a ton and really enjoyed what was truly a fun seminar!

I would personally like to thank Matt for coming along to our small gym! It isn’t often the town of Cowra has an Olympian visiting to teach their sport to the locals. I would also like to thank our members and other members/practitioners who traveled from Young and Orange to support us. I can’t stress enough how important and appreciated it is to have support when holding events like this. My goal is to put the town of Cowra on the Jiu Jitsu map and host a variety of world champions in the future! Without the ongoing support from both our members and the surrounding community I am unable to bring quality instructors to the town.


Matt Seminar.jpg

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