Open Guard Passing Seminar


Felipe Grez – Open Guard Passing Seminar

May 26, 2018

Last Saturday we had the privilege of hosting coach Felipe Grez at our gym. The topic of this seminar was Open Guard Passing in which Felipe provided priceless concepts used in passing many (if not all) types of open guard.

Numbers were down a little this time, with the date coinciding with some popular BJJ competitions in Sydney and Canberra, plus the dreaded flu bug hitting a few students. However, for the members who made the seminar, all learned a ton and have taken away some great information to improve their games!

I would like to thank Rob Cooley from FiveStar Martial Arts for bringing Felipe out to Cowra and also his help at the seminar. Thanks to all who attended and thank you to Felipe for his support of our gym and traveling out here to Cowra to teach us. We are all grateful for his help!

We are aiming to host Felipe again in November so if you are keen to learn some awesome concepts and techniques, lock in a spot and come along! We welcome anybody from any affiliation 🙂

Black Knight Jiu Jitsu

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