We Moved!!!


After almost two and a half years, we have finally moved to a larger, nicer location!

Our gym started its humble beginnings in a small 4 x 7.5 meter room, where a few locals teamed together to continue training and promote Jiu Jitsu in Cowra and surrounding areas. Since then we have expanded classes to the nearby town of Young and also outgrown our original home.

Our new location, while still under construction, is looking great with a 9 x 8 meter square mat area, wall pads and cage panels surrounding the mats. More seating, better amenities and a street front location on one of Cowra’s main roads. Check out what we have done so far! 🙂

We are holding a Grand Opening day on Sunday, October 28. We are very fortunate to have my coach, Felipe Grez, coming along to do a seminar from 10am til 12 Midday (cost $60 on the day) then we will be having a BBQ lunch and an open mat for those who wish to spar. All are welcome to attend both the seminar and the lunch/opening.


See you there! 🙂

Coach Shane

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