Chris Haueter is in the house!

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Last night we had the honor of hosting professor Chris Haueter at Black Knight Jiu Jitsu!

Chris arrived with Mitch from Dark Carnival in Canberra at lunch time. The powers that be made sure it was going to be a nice, WET, day so after eating lunch at the Japanese Gardens we headed back to the gym where Chris would get some rest before the seminar and Mitch headed back to Canberra to run his gym.

The seminar subject was adjusted as Chris suffered a knee injury while in Canberra the day before, so we worked on the rear naked choke and come variations! Professor Haueter, being one of the dirty dozen and a veteran of the art,  is obviously extremely knowledgeable and produced plenty of gold nuggets for those willing to listen and learn!

We started off in knee on belly position and worked a choke, followed by taking the back from there and working the RNC. He shared his awesome knowledge on controlling the back and clearing the defending hands while securing the choke. We also worked variations of the choke and switching to the bow and arrow, arm bar etc.

This was the first time a seminar at our gym was supported completely by our own members. We usually have the support of other gyms in Canberra and Orange but being a Monday night made the trip difficult for most, but I’m super happy and thankful to our own members who came along and supported the event! Without your support we wouldn’t be hosting such high level international masters of the art in our small country town.


I’d like to thank professor Haueter for coming out to our little gym, my coach Felipe Grez for helping to organise the seminar, also Mitch Langman from Dark Carnival for driving Chris to Cowra (and for lunch!). Thanks also to Rob Cooley for coming along to the seminar and driving Chris back to Shellharbour for his next adventure! We hope to do it all again next time!

Coach Shane

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