6 reasons to start training Jiu Jitsu.


The warmer weather is here. Maybe you’ve had a long winter on the couch and gained a few kilograms or maybe you play a winter sport and looking for a challenge through the warmer off season? If you are thinking about starting a new sport, here are some reasons you should give Jiu Jitsu a try!

1. It’s a vigorous exercise.
There are many types of exercise and sports one can do to keep fit and have fun. In my experience, Jiu Jitsu gives you more of an all-round workout than any other sport. Between warm ups, drilling and sparring, you will work every part of your body, including a heavy core workout.

2. Develops your mind.
Unlike most other martial arts, Jiu Jitsu is classed by many as a game of human chess. For every move there is a counter move, then another counter and so on. Early on you learn to correctly execute fundamental moves. As you gain experience, you start to plan your moves ahead, known as countering your opponent. If you love mental stimulation, you’ll love Jiu Jitsu!

3. You’ll keep a level head under extreme stress.
Unlike many other martial arts, Jiu Jitsu practitioners are put through real stress situations every training session. There is a saying, “The white belt is about learning to survive.” Learning to deal with panic situations your body perceives as a real threat is essential if you want to become a skilled fighter.
With consistent training you mind and body will develop stress management skills. These skills will transfer into your every day life, helping you make effective decisions at home and work.

4. Learn real self defense.
Every man and woman should be able to defend themselves. Jiu Jitsu provides real self defense, especially for the smaller, weaker person. By taking a fight to the ground (where most of them end up!) you take away the persons ability to kick and punch. Most people have no idea what to do once they are on the ground and they tend to panic. With consistent training, you will have the ability to control the situation and keep calm.

5. Gain confidence and lose your ego.
Confidence: About 18 months into my Jiu Jitsu training, I was playing a gig in front of a couple hundred people one night (I’m a musician) and one of my old coaches was attending the party. As we talked, we looked around the crowd and he said to me, “How does it feel to know that no one here could hurt you?”
I never thought about it before, but it’s kinda true…. Jiu Jitsu gives you the confidence to be out in a crowd and know that no one can harm you.
Ego: Jiu jitsu is hard. If you come into the gym thinking you’re going to smash people and never be beaten, think again. Training is a humbling experience and will continue to be for your entire Jiu Jitsu journey. Smaller people tapping out larger, stronger people. Women tapping out men and so on… Jiu Jitsu is a skill based game and if your skill isn’t as good as your opponents, you’re going to have a rough time. But we are all there to learn, so each tap you do becomes a learning process, not a loss.

6. World wide community.
If you travel, you can train Jiu Jitsu anywhere in the world. Most gyms are traveler friendly and your rank (belt colour) carries its weight anywhere in the world. You will meet the same, like minded people with (mostly) great attitudes and willingness to help.

So if you are looking for a new sport/activity to try, come in to Black Knight Jiu Jitsu and trial all classes FREE for a week! If you don’t find any truth to these six points, I’ll refund your money! 😛

Coach Shane

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