How to reduce stress in 3 easy steps!

Join many others who have shredded kilos & reduced stress with our FUN Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes!

Hey Cowra Adults!
Do you need to achieve life balance and feel less stressed, happier, healthier and stronger?

Are you currently;
1. A few kilos overweight?
2. Dealing with stress in your life?
3. Struggled committing to a gym because they are boring and offer no incentive?
4. Lacking energy?
5. Concerned about being locked in contracts & expensive long term costs?

If you are dealing with any or all of these issues YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about size or current ability. I know how it is to feel unmotivated, lacking confidence and frustrated. YOU just need to muster enough courage to walk in our door and give us a chance to help you!

Sign up online NOW and you will pay NO extra fees! No Membership fee, NO grading fee, NO OTHER FEES! You can come in to the gym, work at your own pace, reduce your stress levels and meet like-minded, genuine people for ONLY the fortnightly debit cost.



What people say about us!

“I love facing new challenges each week and working on improving those skills! I feel so much more relaxed both mentally and physically since starting classes a few months ago. I didn’t realise how effective Jiu Jitsu really is, in both boosting my confidence and self defense abilities!” – Ashley White

Our classes are held in a professional air conditioned gym. Our instructors are Government Accredited and bring out the best of your ability at your own pace.

Is it suitable for my fitness level? YES, you train at your own pace, whatever level you are on!
Do I have to be locked in a contract? NO, at no time will you be asked to lock into a contract. Even if you wish to continue after the trial!
What does it cost after the trial? Depending on your preferred package, you could be paying as little as $3 per class!
How do I get my uniform? Uniforms are ordered individually and generally take 48 hours to arrive after you have paid for your uniform.

Congratulations! You have already completed the first step by reading to this point!

Sign up ONLINE HERE to join our family and make your membership official! Pay NO extra fees! No Membership fee, No grading fee, NO HIDDEN COSTS!


Come into our gym and have fun!